Tribute to Local Yoga Teacher Mathew Godebski

Mathew Godebski Yoga TeacherHi Yogis and Yoginis, we recently lost local yoga teacher Mathew Godebski after his fight with an ongoing illness. I visited Mathew during his time in hospital and he was very positive about recovering from his illness and very keen on getting back to the helm of his flourishing yoga studio in Chorlton, Manchester. He relayed to me the medical tests he had undergone and his then recent operation. I had not seen Mathew for a few years and I was very pleased to have visited him at this time. What came to me when I met him was his concern for his health in the concept of him being able to continue with his passion in life – his yoga practice and yoga studio. It is amazing how purpose is such a motivator in life, and what struck me with Mathew was his motivation for getting better, his will to carry on with his work and for his yoga community.

I suppose there are many points that could go through our minds if we were faced with an unexpected and foreshortened lifespan. As with Mathew his concerns were more for those who he contacted through his passion and work – his yoga friends. What more can we ask of our life if not the wish to be of benefit to others through our own understanding of the mysteries of life and life’s twists and turns?

This feeling of Mathew’s concerns for others was again reflected at the church on the day of Mathew’s funeral on Friday morning last week. Listening to the accounts of Mathew’s life read out in the church,  gave me a much more fuller view of the Mathew Godebski I had no idea of. His involvement with hikeing groups during his University years and the friends he made during those years. He left us a colourful impression of his exploits and the manner of how he dealt with adversity in his life.

The feelings of those who knew him and the genuine loss we felt at Mathew’s passing was very well shared between us all on that Friday morning at St. Ninian’s Church in Chorlton. But most of all I think it is more beneficial to celebrate the passing of Mathew, and be thankful that his time in this life was employed in such a fruitful pursuit. Perhaps we should reflect on this and rejoice in the merit generated by by him.

R.I.P. Mathew, and very best wishes follow as you continue to journey on and learn to understand the purpose of life…… May the longtime sunshine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on………

Peace and Love to you all,

Granville x

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Great to hear from you and also that you have taken the opportunity to add your thoughts about Mathew to this Memorial Blog. Well as you say in your comment I guess I was a major player in establishing Ashtanga Yoga in Manchester and look how it has grown now. Those early days were truly magical and it brings it all back when you mentioned the Workshop at Living Well Health Club when David Swenson came down to lead it for us. I remember he stayed with me over the weekend in my caravan at Higher Pot Oven Farm and the weekend was very well attended.

    In fact it was Mathew who covered a couple of my classes at David Lloyd Health Club and it gave him the notion to get involved in teaching yoga himself. Well as a result there is now the Yoga and Pilates Studio which was his birth child and thriving well in Chorlton, Manchester.

    Tony and me did our first workshop together on Saturday 21st January 2012 as Yoga Haven in Birmingham, and we remembered our beginnings and going to the various Ashtanga Workshops over the country. I’m sure your comments will be appreciated by all those who met Mathew and who now have the benefit of his legacy, the Studio in Chorlton.

    Death is not something we like to talk about but I like the fact that you made reference to this inevitable fact that we all have to confront at some point in our lives. The more we familiarize ourselves with it, the less frightening it becomes. Let’s not forget that yoga is for life and through yoga we can learn how to live and how to journey on through it’s cessation.

    Peace and Love,

    Granville X

  2. Hi Granville, Tony, and all yogis and yoginis. I was greatly shocked to hear the news about Matt Godebski. He was a student of mine many years ago when I used to teach in an old ballet school in withington. It was in one of the old houses in a basement and owned by an old ballet teacher. I remember Matt was always there, every time, he practiced intensely and sometimes was even a bit annoying with his constant questioning. I remember I used to love these sessions as afterwards me and my partner at that time Janice Roscoe would go to have vegetarian breakfast (veg sausage, beans, toast and coffee) at a small cafe in Didsbury village. This is many years ago now and to suddenly get an email all these years into the future about Matts death is actually quite a shock and a wake up call too. From what I got from the mail it all went quite fast for Matt. He got diagnosed early 2011 and was gone by December 2011. I dont know the full details but I guess he got some pains in his stomach and they did not go away but got worse. I myself have had stomach pains that persisted for a while but then disappeared and Matts case just tells me that it can all be over in such a short time and that what we have is here and now and love and to be together and to awaken. It is with love and respect that I remember my early days of practice with Granville in the Midland hotel and the great times at Livingwell health club when Granville invited David Swenson and we all got into Astanga yoga. The times I spent with Tony Wilmot in Oxford on Danny Paradise’s Summer retreat courses. Fond memories of great days gone by. So cool to see Granville and Tony doing courses together. I could go on, and on about the old days and how it is so cool that we are still doing the work in the yoga world. I guess in some way, if we are truly honest we are all afraid of death, it is the final punch, the end of all we have known, and in some scary way, we all know that at some present moment it is our turn. Matt Godebski has taken his turn and I wish him all the love and support on his way to whatever comes next. My left hand is in this world, and my right hand holds yours and supports you into the next. May we all awaken out of the fear of the unknown and into the love that we all are. Thank you Granville for making this blog and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts. You are my first and most inspiring teacher. Mike Nevittt.

  3. I had not known Mathew for very long before he became ill but he quickly became a really good friend. I was always inspired in his classes, his quiet manner and passion for yoga (and for life) really showed. I saw Mathew the last week he was teaching full time when he was obviously in pain but still refusing to stop teaching. When I visited him in hospital it was a shock to see the difference in him. Mathew believed in me and I was delighted that he thought I was lovely enough to teach at his studio (in his own words – he only wanted lovely people to teach at his beloved YogaPilates studio!). It was an honour to be part of his birthday celebrations in November , an honour to be part of the YogaPilates family and most of all an honour to know such a lovely, gentle, wonderful man. The tributes paid at his funeral and the stories told on that day will stay with me forever. I think of you every day as I practice Mathew and I am, and will continue to be, inspired and grateful for every thing you taught me. Rest in Peace my lovely friend. Jo xx

    1. Hi Jo, thank you for taking the time to add your personal message and how your coming in contact with Mathew has help shape your life in a positive direction. Others who read your message will benefit from your words and this will help keep his memory in our hearts.

      Peace and Love,

  4. Thank you Granville for letting me know about Mathew. I first met Mathew in your David Lloyd Wednesday night classes many years ago. He was so friendly and a lovely guy. I think at that time he worked on computers but then started to train as a teacher. When he covered some of your classes, it made a nice change to not have such a strict yoga workout! Some years later, I saw that he became an established yoga teacher with several classes which must have taken hard work and a lot of dedication. I’m glad our paths crossed and I wish him peace, love and happiness. x

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