The Spiritual Warrior

We hear so much about meditation and what are it’s benefits. There are also so many different types of meditation that it can be quite a daunting task how to know what is going to really work for us and also to which we are able to commit our selves. Some kinds of practice focus on ‘Just Sitting’ and this is done in the midst of our mental and physical environment. This kind of meditation is often very miss-understood as sitting still in a thoughtlessness. The mind is responsible for thoughts and so this kind of practice can result in the suppression of thought which is not what this kind of ‘Just Sitting‘ practice is all about.

There is another kind of meditation which is based on ‘Contemplation‘. Here we bring to mind certain topics geared towards understanding certain spiritual concepts. Before we undertake this king of practice however we need to have a good background of study and a relatively quiet and concentrated mind. With these abilities then this kind of contemplative approach can be very effective in allowing us to organize our thoughts and develop our motivation in life. Even if we are doing worldly tasks like say arranging a day trip to the sea side, we need to contemplate, make the correct preparations and action theseĀ  in order for our trip to go as planned without unnecessary problems. So in our spiritual lives we can make similar preparations and after careful consideration, hold our intention and then act on our resolution. These steps are quite familiar but sometimes we do not relate this natural method in the context of spiritual training.

A very important factor here which makes the whole process Work is to have a Strong Mind. And this is really the fuel that drives the practice forward. This Strong Mind needs to be developed and made strong by following along with our resolutions and keeping a regular commitment to practice regularly. By achieving small goals these successes build a strength for the bigger achievements.

Practice on a daily basis and keep a clear mind on your commitments. This is the way of the Warrior – the Spiritual Warrior.

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  1. I love the spiritual warrior philosophy. Granville you are an inspiration. A being who lives a special way and someone it is humbling to be able to spend time with. Thank you for all you have taught me. Rob

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