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Hot Yoga


We have heard allot about Hot Yoga and how it can heal and transform our bodies. Of course our muscles, tendons and joints respond in a favourable way to dynamic movements when they are sufficiently warmed up. But yoga practiced with our bodies at normal temperature still has these same benefits, but we just need to be more gentle with our approach. We are all familiar with how much more relaxed we feel when we are in a warm environment, and this has a very significant influence on how we experience our practice.

But are we not forgetting another very important element here, our minds?
For many years I felt an intensity to my practice, as if I was making some form of atonement for the negativities of my lives. This is no longer the case, but now more from an attitude of reverence and devotion. Through my meditation I have learned to be more patient and joyful in my practice, and like my teacher, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso often reminds us, ‘To practice with a peaceful and happy mind…’

I feel this to be more what Sadhana is – a method to cleanse our minds, and lead us into the purity of our own Hearts.

One Love X