Looking After Your Hip Joints

Samo Konasana TurkeyThe hips are a large bony part of our skeleton that is responsible for supporting the spinal column and our legs. Not only do they give support but also provide a stable location to house our limbs responsible for our ability to move around. If our hip joints are not healthy then our ability to function freely is greatly impaired and if severe damage occurs either through injury or health problems they can be very difficult to repair and put right.

Like most of the joints they do not have a blood supply and so nutrients and lubrication happens by way of synovial fluid that serves to lubricate the joint surfaces and carry away any accumulated debris. If the joint lacks mobility then the health giving synovial fluid has a hard job flowing over the joint surfaces and where it cannot access sufficiently then determination of those joint surfaces is likely to occur.

But it isn’t just about extending the joints to their maximum because if this is done too violently then this straining aspect also creates an unhealthy joint area and then problems occur later on in life as is witnessed in those who have led active lives, and then in later years suffer joint problems caused through overuse and strain.

So in our yoga practice always be mindful of unhealthy pain that signals possible injury and the kind of discomfort experienced from merely doing our practice. Some discomfort is part of doing yoga but we don’t want to take this into an injury phase. Work thoroughly whilst in postures but remember to include that very important element of softness and relaxedness during your practice. Keep the joints free and mobile. Keep them healthy.

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