How to Become a Spiritual Warrior

As a follow up to my previous Blog Post ‘The Spiritual Warrior’, I would now like to show you how to set yourself in motion along the Path.

Firstly you will need a clean space, free from disturbance and with a good ambience. I suggest you pick a time in the morning just after rising and having cleansed your body. Evening times may also work if you are not too tired after the days work.
Sit crossed legged on a suitably padded but firm cushion on the floor. Place the right hand on top of the left with the thumbs lightly touching each other forming an oval resting on the thighs just below the level of the navel, or just simply rest them on the thighs.
Keep an erect spine as if pushing the crown of the head towards the sky.
Rest the tongue up against the roof of the pallet and just behind the top teeth.
Relax the belly.
You can keep the eyes slightly open and in a soft focus neither trying to see through the eyes or allowing them to become bleary.
Allow yourself to sit for a few minutes in order to allow your mind to settle down.
Then bring your attention to the Crown of your head, pause for 2 minutes, then down to the Throat, again pause, and finally to the Heart Centre, located at the center of the chest behind the breast bone. Here you can hold your attention for 10 to 20 minutes.
If the mind wanders away from the object of concentration, the Heart Centre, then simply notice and bring it back to the Heart.
Keep the breathing completely natural.

During this sitting period try not to fidget or move unnecessarily.

Before you begin and when you finish your practice, place your two hands together at your Heart, and bow whilst at your seat, to the Divinity within all beings.

By bringing your attention back again and again to the object of concentration, you develop a strong Mindfulness which remembers it’s object of concentration.

The Mind will eventually come to enjoy the euphoric experience of being still in this heightened state of awareness. The first steps on the road to becoming a real life Spiritual Warrior whose opponent is one’s own miss-conceptions and negativity.


Granville x

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  1. Hi Granville

    The articles in your blog are very interesting, kind of like online tutorials, I particularly like the spiritual warrior articles but they all make an interesting and informative read.

    Oh and thanks again for getting rid of my backache in your yoga class the other week, very much appreciated!!

    Spiritual Warrior Trainee

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