Beads of Sweat


Yet another lovely session of Mantra – Pranayama – yogAsana – Meditation at the hot yoga studio yogahaven Birmingham. The room was heated more for this workshop than the previous one that Tony and I taught in February this year. There were 19 of us including some returning students from before. Tony led off the session with a detailed practice on the OM chant, connecting us through sound to go inside and feel the reverberations in our being. Later he introduced us to the Bramari Breath, a constant humming that again amplifies the primordial sound of being. Worming on these different chants and variations thereof whilst we quietly sit in stillness as the perspiration soaks our skin allowing us to embrace the enhanced warmth in the hit yoga studio.
When we started to work through the yogAsana standing and balancing sequence of postures we were well lubricated and into the atmosphere of this hot practice. Intensely working on releasing the legs and twisting postures to free up the spinal column. The sequence was punctuated with short tests so as not to exhaust the body but to gradually work deeper into postures assisted with the heated atmosphere. Beads of sweat dripping from the tip of our noses onto the leading foot in alignment in the postures. After 1 1/2 hours of this posture work we again settled into the stillness of quiet meditation drawing our attention to the HEART CENTRE. The sweat flowing freely, the Mind liberated from worldly concerns at least for an instant in time.

Peace and Love, Namaste to All beings.

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