Back to the Land of My Forefathers Part 4 Conclusion

Final FarewellI’m on the coach now from London Victoria to Manchester, and recalling the events of the final week of our holiday. I could recollect the happenings that took place with us during that final week, about those regular but out of the ordinary encounters we all have memories of when in a foreign land, but what comes more vividly to mind is an interaction wilth a hidden culture washed over by the modern necessity of survival. Everything is not as it appears to be… As visitors to Jamaica we meet a people whose economy is very dependent on tourism, on revenue brought into the country by people like ourselves. This being so we are looked upon in a big way as potential customers and our concept of them as sales people and marketeers. This is only one aspect of how we meet and form our opinions of people. But in order to really understand folk it is important to go beyond what we are presented with and ask real questions about culture, beliefs and aspirations. Fortunately I was able to do this to some degree, and what I discovered was what I termed ‘Caribbean Wisdom’ that has it’s origins embedded in Africa and the heritage arising from that vast Continent. It was as if I could see these traits before but I couldn’t recognise them……

Wood carverShowing his artwork

It wasn’t until on a very special day out into the countryside and way off the beaten track that some magic descended upon me. A magical moment when our driver, Brent, transformed into the legendary Yoda from Star Wars and imparted me with this ancient wisdom that I never knew existed but was at the heart of these Afro Caribbean people. If only it was possible to retain these moments of genius being revealed to me at this time but to be mentored in this way felt like an initiation a true learning and rite of passage. It is born from the Heart and from the compassionate bosom of creation, a spirit that has no foundation in a materialistic world but from the world of spirit. I am absorbing this wisdom and feel noble and proud. My fears are also present. Like other cultures that have similar origins, can they survive the onslaught of this modern technological age? Past civilizations have disappeared and been overtaken by natural disaster, or the greed of mankind. Technology has two faces. It can destroy us or give us the edge to survive. That asteroid from afar that will one day impact the earth and possibly wipe out a people can perhaps be averted by the advancement in technological knowledge. The scientists are working on this at this very moment. In this way it is important to increase our knowledge and understanding of this world. But this will not lead to healing the rift we experience of separation and differences. For me this dilemma was healed in one of my morning meditations on Emptiness.

In reality none of us are who we think we are and identify with. It’s all a big illusion, a trick of the mind. We have had many identities over the endless cycle of births and deaths we have undertaken. If we could recognise our true essence that is beyond birth and death then colour, and creed would not be a factor in our wanting to belong. Because our essence is free from all boundaries and can take any shape or form. The real problem is that we identify with this present form and see it as being different from other forms. We don’t know ourselves….

Rasta on the Beach

In order to free ourselves from this big delusion we meditate. And with our gradual understanding we come to recognise the Blessed Nature within each and every living Being…. Thank you Jamaica for your teachings and Blessings to all.

‘We see people’ and that is how it should be…….

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    1. Yes, this was a real learning and couldn’t have happened anywhere else exept in Jamaica. It’s is surprising how these cultural inprints go so deep into our psychs. It’s a journey well worth making and it hasn’t stopped yet, not until we realise our true selves as conciousness will we reach our journeys end.

      Thank you so much for your comments. It all adds grist to the mill.


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